St. Martin's Shrine Ransacked!!! Well defended by the children.

Post date: Nov 5, 2010 10:45:34 PM

Thank you to all who joined us for Siege of St. Martin's Shrine including His Eminence, St. Martin and family. You made our event a success. We had another good day of good fighting, good food, and fine weather.

This event could not have run smoothly without the hard work and committment of

our staff. Thank you to

Gate--Barbara of the Ruins, Zach, Pookie, Steven, Doug, Fang

Reservationist--Heather Walkere

Reservations Help--Sebastian, Blair,and Kim

Parking Fairy--Ghita

T-Shirt sales--Rhiannon

Feastcrat--Olaf von Trier

Kitchen assistants--Orias, Blair, Baroness Katherine Angelique

Lunch Salesmen--Doug

Servers--Ghita, Laura, Taka, Cecelia, Horroken, Steven, Joe, Christin, Franca

Herald--Edward Barbour

Site and Event Runners--Ghita, Joe, Sebastian, Rhiannon, Christin, Steven, Doug

Tokens--Franca, Kim, and Baroness Katherine Angelique

Battlecrat--Ari Tybrandr

Field crew--Cody, Moulde, Amon, Sebastian, Pookie, Zach, Joe, Doug

Marshalls--Lady Sabille (Aelfwyn) and Joe.

Entertainment Coordinator--Kim


And to any others I may have missed, thank you.

A special thanks to the crew who spend a day building the shrine and another day breaking it down after the event.

A special thanks to the Abbot and all of the monks of the One True Pipe. You will always have a home in the Shire of the Ruins. Thank you.

We have enjoyed hosting this event here in the Shire of the Ruins and look

forward to serving the kingdom again.

In Service,

Lady Franca Donato and Lord Daniel von Hesson

Co-Event Stewards

Siege of St. Martin's Shrine