History of the Ruins

Shire of the Ruins was founded on March 29, 1982 at the Principality of Trimaris's Spring Investiture event. According to Shire lore, the Shire received its name because it was built on the ruins of two failed shires, one at Florida Southern College and one in Lithia, near Mulberry. The founding officers were

Seneschal -Kragon Darkvale (Brent Wynn)

Marshal, MOS - Ulrich Geschwind von Augsburg (Richard Young)

Herald - Corwyn Morgenstern (John Walker)

MOA, Historian - Galland Fox (Douglas Partington)

Exchequer -Edward O'Donovan (Pat Peters)

Chirurgeon -Katrina Afton (Lettie Applebaum)

With the following founding members....

Eiena Vanessa Bran Sheridan (Pam Brosamer), Darran Town, Argone Gallowglass (Ray Hatchett), Oren Thornwald (David Mitchell), Sabrina Afton (Jo Winesburg), Rozella (Kay Alexander), Derrick MacTaggart (Paul Hilton), Karen Grob, and Richard Rowland.

In March 1983, the group held its first event, the Ruins Revel to find its champion, the Hero of the Ruins. This Revel has been an annual event since 1983 and has been hosted 28 times. Two months later, the group hosted its first Principality event, Trimaris Memorial Tourney in May 1984.

In addition to the signature event, The Ruins Revel which is now held every November, the Ruins has two other signature events, The Battle of Ujii - Memorial Event for Count Takamatsu, KSCA which is held every year in the summer, and The Siege of St. Martin's Shrine which is held every year in August.

The Shire of the Ruins at this time has petitioned for baronial status and will continue to do so until the Board of Directors will recognize the value of the dream in the Shire of the Ruins.

The complete Shire of the Ruins History is posted below.