Arts and Sciences

What are the Arts & Sciences?

The S.C.A. Arts and Sciences involves a varied study and recreation of medieval arts. These include, but are not limited to the textile arts (spinning, weaving, dying, sewing/costuming), many forms of embellishment, leather-work, jewelry, glass-works, ceramics, pottery, bardic (music, storytelling, poetry, drama, dance), metalwork, illumination, fletchings and cultural arts. All S.C.A. Kingdom and local Officers of the Arts and Sciences are there to inspire and promote the Arts and Sciences by organizing workshops, workdays and classes. Art/Sci Officers can help you find resources and experts in the field of study you choose.


Lady Yisroaela Mikhal

Mundane: Iris Huff

Deputy Art/Sci:

Duchess Cerric Eld Vegandi, KSCA

Mundane: Cherish Erin Thomas

Check out a calendar page for future art/sci events!

Kingdom Winter Arts & Sciences Competitions:

Trimaris will now hold only one Kingdom competition per year, in the winter. However, you will have even more opportunities to enter A&S competitions, as Baronies & Shires are encouraged to host regional competitions. Every competition is open to all Trimarians, and they will be run like Kingdom competitions as far as possible. They will give you a chance to receive feedback and improve your entry. You may enter as many regional competitions as you wish, and still enter the same (improved) item in the annual Trimaris Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition. If you are planning on entering an upcoming competition, please be certain to get a copy of the rules and forms. For answers to frequently asked questions, check out the Kingdom art/sci page. For rules & forms, as well as other information and resources, check out the Trimaris Arts & Sciences website.

Trimaris Summer Collegium:

Our summer Arts & Sciences session will be a collegium run by the Trimaris Royal University.

Trimaris Royal University:

For information on the re-organized Trimaris Royal University program: TRU

Please register as a student here: Student Registration

You can download and print your TRU Student Passport here:Trimaris Royal University; there is a link in the first paragraph of TRU Student Instructions and Information.

Please register as a teacher here: Teacher Registration

You can download and print your TRU Teacher Passport here:Trimaris Royal University; there is a link in the first paragraph of TRU Teacher Instructions and Information.

Please feel free to email the TRU Chancellor if you have any questions:

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Facebook Groups & Pages related to the Art & Sciences:

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