The Herald’s office is the most varied of all offices. Some of their duties include:

  • Acting as an “emcee” at events, tournaments, feasts, and meetings

  • Assisting with the registration of names and devices

  • Maintaining the protocols, precedence, and traditions of their local group and Kingdom.


Lord Alexander Gerritsen of Torthorwald (AKA Gerrits Ekie)


Mundane: Ronald Irvin

Deputy Herald:

HL Dagny Robertsdottir

Mundane: Christine Ferguson

About SCA Names

In the SCA we create personas, alter egos of ourselves who could have existed in history. Part of the persona creation involves picking a name. It is expected (but not required) that you will register that name. When you register your name with the college of heralds it is yours and no one else may use it. You do not have to be a paid member of the SCA to register your name. When you pick a name it is very important that you like it as people will be calling you by it. It is also good to yell it aloud as names may change when yelled. For example Sorca will quickly become Orca when yelled across a field. I personally would recommend waiting four or five events, if not a year, when choosing a persona. Some people may know what they want to do right away, but it may be surprising the effect of playing in the SCA a year will have on your opinions of things. Still, it's best not to wait too long as people may decide to name you. To register a name in the SCA, the name needs to be a name that could have existed in the periods we recreate. There are many good places to start I have placed the links to some of the best internet name research sites below. However, one of the best places to start is with a good herald.

About SCA Devices (Arms)

In the SCA one of the things that is expected (but not required) is the registration of a name and a device. The two usually go together. The device is an emblem that represents the person, most people would be familiar with the idea of a coat of Arms. In the SCA we call someones arms a device until they have been awarded arms by the Crown and then they are coats of arms. Throughout most of the period we recreate having arms was a big thing synonymous with having noble birth. Some of the cultures we recreate did not use arms, however in the SCA most people even from these non-heraldic cultures still register devices as it is part of the culture of our society. You must submit your name either with or before your device submission. There are some rules that go into the construction of an SCA device. Below I have placed some good links on places to start. As with names, one of the best places to start is with a good herald.


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