Ruins Demo a Success!

Post date: Nov 28, 2011 6:14:12 PM

July 31st, 2011


Lakeland, FL A big thanks goes out to Lord Bryan, Thomas, Lord Garcia, Mold, Lord Ambrose, and Sir Taka for coming out nd helping to make the demo a smashing success. Lord Garcia did a wonderful job explaing things in a way that was not only understandable but got quite a few laughs. He eve got a few of the tougher kids to show off their musical skills on his drum. They also wished they could see Thomas hsow off his bow sklls after they had a look at it, and he gave some great tidbits on just what it could do. Butm thge real treat came when Lord Bryan and Lord Ambrose fought. The kids really enjoyed seeing it happen so much that a few stuck around after school to the match with Sir Taka and ask some great questions.

by Amra de Medici