Petition for Baronial Status

Post date: Oct 9, 2012 12:02:35 PM

At Michaelmas, our Seneschal Daniel von Hessen and our newest royal peer, Countess Sibilla Dane, turned in the Shire's petition for Baronial Status to the Crown of Trimaris. The Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal indicated that the petition would be submitted to the Board of Directors for the October 15th meeting. We should hear something by the November business meeting.

The candidates for the Baronial seats that were listed in the petition are:

Jarl Ari Tyrbrandr and Countess Sibilla Daine

Syr Takamatsu Tadayoshi No Kami Satasumi and Lady Cecilia d'Este

Sgt. Daniel von Hessen and Baronessa Franca Donato

Thank you to all who participated in the petitioning status.