Franca Donato, CBAR

About Franca:

Baronessa Franca Donato is the sixth daughter of an aging Venetian architect, who in attempt to rid himself of his last daughter without losing his last few pennies agrees to marry her off to a sailing merchant. The merchant, desirous of a sea wedding, packs the wedding party off on several ships and is promptly met by a horrible storm. All but one ship is lost including the groom. The captain of the ship carrying Franca, puts Franca and her baggage ashore in Trimaris to turn to a life of privateering. To make her way in the world, she has turned to the quill, brush, and needle.

Arts: Franca regularly teaches a variety of classes, including classes on Italian Renaissance Clothing and scribal activities.






Event Stewarding

Kingdom Chronicler

Kingdom Librarian




College of Scribes

Wrangler of Cats

Social Ninja

Martial Arts:

Lyst Mistress

Combat Scribe

Wars Attended:

Gulf Wars

Scot/Welsh War

Panhandle Skirmishes

Pennsic War


Protege to Mistress Katherine Angelique

Apprentice to Mistress Aibinn ingen Artain aka "Navah" and Mistress Katherine Angelique

Gamemeister of the Laughing Gargoyle