Shire of the Ruins Events

Cub Scout Demonstration

Calling all available artists and fighters! September 16th we will be holding a demonstration for a local Cub Scout Troop. This demonstration will be taking place at St. Stephens Episcopal Church located at 1820 Co. Road 540A Lakeland,FL. The demonstration will be held at 6:30 pm we will be meeting at the picnic tables in front of the fellowship hall. Be sure to bring bug spray, a picture of your device and thoughts of chivalry! If you have any questions or need directions feel free to contact us at or The local Cub Scout troop wanted to learn about our code of Chivalry in the S.C.A and how it is similar to their Scout Code. Also, they wanted to learn a bit about Heraldry and how it is used in the S.C.A. We look forward to seeing you there!