Siege of St. Martin's Shrine Event Report

posted Oct 9, 2012, 4:50 AM by Shire Ruins
April 23, 2012--This past weekend, the Shrine of the Ruins presented Siege of St. Martin's
Shrine, the only event with a full on structure battle within the Kingdom of
Trimaris. The weather held and was reported by the King to be the best of
fighting weather, "overcast with cool breezes."
Count Ari Tyrbrandr and his crew of faithful builders erected the abbey on
Friday and 85 souls joined us on Saturday morning. Orias, the Orgre, and his
trusty assistant, Pookie Ogresson, gave us delectable delights to feast upon.
The grill was manned by Pookie and his assistants, Valan and Stephen, and no
one was more happy to hear from Pookie, "Hey, how's my sausage?"
Many whiled the time away at our classes on consort gifts and event planning and
the children enjoyed the playground.
St. Martin upon receiving the news that his sainthood was official released the
rains upon the field to refresh it. All made their way to the hall to celebrate
the day over food and drink. Lord Orias did not disappoint. The succulent hens
and vegetables roasted from the Abbey's farm were savored by all. Fine friends
made for good yarns and the conversation among men and ladies was had much in to
the evening. The farwells were bittersweet, but the children longed for their
beds and the horses for their barns. The monks chanted their prayers as masses
Thank you to all who attended and most thank yous to the Saint and his family
for honoring us with their attendance and thank you to Their Majesties, Trimaris
for attending our event as well.

Event Stewards: Herr Daniel von Hessen and THL Franca Donato
Field Steward: Count Ari Tybrandr
Feast Steward: Lord Orias, the Orgre
Reservationist: Lady Amra di Medici
Staff: Lady Moul d'Ceder, Lady Rhiannon Branwen Corcoran, Lord Sebastian von
Trier, Lord Corwyn Morgenstern, Valan of the Ruins, Mirabella, Lucius di Mare,
Pookie Ogresson, Mikaela Corvinus, Tobias von Kassel, Dig Snnorasson, Ambrose,
Will, Jarrod, Stephen

Court Report.
Luca di Mare-----Lion d'Or
Lady Moul d'Ceder------Argent Palm
Herr Daniel von Hessen---Argent Palm, Gray Beard
Olav von Trier--------Gray Beard
Sebastian von Trier------AOA
Sable Dragon------------AOA