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Honorable Lady Dagný Roobertsdóttir
Mundane: Christine Ferguson

Deputy Seneschal:
Kahlan De La Perch
Mundane: Candice McLendon

The Seneschal is the administrative officer and the legal representative for the local group.  Seneschals file reports, handle day to day operations of the group, chair meetings, and liaison with their Kingdom superior and outside agencies. The Sene­schal is a legal representative of the S.C.A with the abilities to sign contracts, and so must be a paid member of the S.C.A.

Hospitaler Logo
Hospitaler/Recruitment & Retention Officer

Honorable Lady Kaitlyn Gunnarson

Mundane: Paula Kristine

The Recruitment and Retention Officer aids and educates any visitors or new people.

Exchequer Icon
Countess Cecilia D'Este
Mundane: Pam Rogers 
Deputy Exchequer:
Raeghel Jans de Lange
Mundane: Jody Seige
The Exchequer is the Treasurer of the Shire. They keep track of the money that the group earns and spends and on the goods purchased with those funds.

Chronicler Icon

Li'adan Aenya Roach

Mundane: Eula Conwell-Berg

The Chronicler publishes the Shire newsletter, the Ruins Record, which can range from a simple schedule of upcoming events to a booklet containing articles and other submissions of interest by local members. The Chronicler, following acceptable and legal best practices for newsletter publications, distributes the newsletter bi-monthly in both print and electronic formats; these are normally available at local business meetings and posted on this website. 

Marshall Icon
Honorable Lord Valentine
Mundane: Richard Paul Warren

Deputy Marshalls:
Duke Kurn O'Farrell of Ulster
Mundane: Roger Ferrell

Lady Sarah Von Bradenburg
Mundane: Caitlin Harding 
The Marshall is tasked with organizing and supervising the safe, rule-abiding practice of heavy combat. They will also help people get authorized to fight.

The Marshall is a warranted officer. This means that they must be approved by a kingdom (state) -level officer of the same type.

Equestrian Marshall Icon
Susie Mastro    
The Equestrian Marshall is responsible for supervising the safe, rule-abiding use and practice of horsemanship

Herald Icon
Alexander Gerritsen of Torthorwald (AKA Gerrits Ekie)
Mundane: Ronald Irvin

Deputy Herald:
HL Dagny Robertsdottir
Mundane: Christine Ferguson
The Herald helps people create their own period-style names and devices, and serves as a protocol officer for activities. The Herald is a warranted officer and must be approved by a kingdom (state) -level officer of the same type.

Art/Sci Minister Icon
HL Kahlan de la Perch
Mundane: Candice McLendon

Deputy Art/Sci:
Yisoraela Mikhal
Mundane: Iris Huff
The Minister of Arts and Sciences (or MoAS) is responsible for promoting and nurturing the research, study, and practice of period-style arts and sciences. The arts and sciences include creating items (calligraphy, needlepoint, soap-making, leather working, armor-crafting, etc.) as well as performance art (singing, dancing, theater, etc.). The MoAS is a warranted officer. This means that they must be approved by a kingdom (state) -level officer of the same type.

Webminister Icon
Mathias Von Augspurg
Mundane: Matthew Garner
The Webminister is responsible for publishing information on the Shire of the Ruins website and Facebook fan page. This includes general information about the group, contact information for the  officers, information about and the location of events, and announcements.  The Webminister also periodically updates the Shire history and membership books.

Constable Icon
 Constable: VACANT The Constable safeguards the welfare of people who attend Shire events. This may include:
  • the direction of parking,
  • shepherding children,
  • shooing animals,
  • containing disruptions of the peace,
  • seeking all persons' follow S.C.A rules
  • seeking all persons' obedience to state/local laws.
Note, that officers of the Constabulary do not have the authority to
enforce state/local law; they uphold the law by way of observation,
limited intervention, and proper use of the chain of command for officers. 
Constables have no greater legal authority than any normal member of the public.