Event Reports

Battle of Uji (Memorial Event for Count Takamatsu, KSCA)
June 2018
The Vanguard School, Lake Wales, FL

Siege of St. Martin's Shrine
Rocking H Ranch, Lakeland, FL
April 21, 2012
This past weekend, the Shrine of the Ruins presented Siege of St. Martin’s Shrine, the only event with a full on structure battle within the Kingdom of Trimaris.  The weather held and was reported by the King to be the best of fighting weather, “overcast with cool breezes.” 
Count Ari Tyrbrandr and his crew of faithful builders erected the abbey on Friday and 85 souls joined us on Saturday morning.  Orias, the Orgre, and his trusty assistant, Pookie Ogresson, gave us delectable delights to feast upon.  The grill was manned by Pookie  and his assistants, Valan and Stephen, and no one was more happy to hear from Pookie, “Hey, how’s my sausage?”
Many whiled the time away at our classes on consort gifts and event planning and the children enjoyed the playground.
St. Martin upon receiving the news that his sainthood was official released the rains upon the field to refresh it.  All made their way to the hall to celebrate the day over food and drink.  Lord Orias did not disappoint.  The succulent hens and vegetables roasted from the Abbey’s farm were savored by all.  Fine friends made for good yarns and the conversation among men and ladies was had much in to the evening.  The farwells were bittersweet, but the children longed for their beds and the horses for their barns.  The monks chanted their prayers as masses departed.
Thank you to all who attended and most thank yous to the Saint and his family for honoring us with their attendance and thank you to Their Majesties, Trimaris for attending our event as well.
Event Stewards:   Herr Daniel von Hessen and THL Franca Donato
Field Steward:  Count Ari Tybrandr
Feast Steward:  Lord Orias, the Orgre
Reservationist:  Lady Amra di Medici
Staff:  Lady Moul d’Ceder, Lady Rhiannon Branwen Corcoran, Lord Sebastian von Trier, Lord Corwyn Morgenstern, Valan of the Ruins, Mirabella, Lucius di Mare, Pookie Ogresson, Mikaela Corvinus, Tobias von Kassel, Dig Snnorasson, Ambrose,  Will, Jarrod, Stephen
Court Report.
Luca di Mare-----Lion d’Or
Lady Moul d’Ceder------Argent Palm 
Lady Rhiannon Branwyn Corcoran-----Argent Palm
Herr Daniel von Hessen---Argent Palm, Gray Beard
Olav von Trier--------Gray Beard
Sebastian von Trier------AOA
Sable Dragon------------AOA
Geneva Academy Demo
February 16, 2012
Bartow, FL
A hearty thank you to all who participated in the demo. The crowd from Geneva
Academy really enjoyed hearing about who we are and what we do.
The King greeted the group and offered his thanks for inviting us to
demonstrate. I gave a brief explanation of the SCA, then we each introduced
ourselves in persona, briefly explained our appearance, and told of our mundane
jobs. A few questions were asked of the participants and then a bear pit
tourney was convened by His Majesty.
The fighters asked for the honor of fighting for the young ladies and each young
lady was presented with a rose. The tourney began. Many shouts of excitement
came from the crowd and one young lady was very zealous in supporting her
combatant. Sir Taka had the loudest consort for sure!
After the tourney, some melees were found and one grand melee was held. After
the melees were over, the fighters mingled with the crowd to answer questions
about armor and fighting.
In gratitude for our attendance, the mothers of the students prepared a feast
for us. We sat and feasted with the students and parents and discussed what we
do in the SCA. As we parted, the students presented us each with a gift and
asked us to return next year.

King Ari, Queen Sibilla, Count Kurn, Sir Takamatsu, THL Franca Donato, Herr
Daniel von Hessen, Lady Rhiannon Branwen Corcoran, Lord Corwyn Morgenstern,
Mikaela Corvinus, Vladislaus Caffenburg, Lucca di Mare, Lucas, Cara, Vickie
Beth, Rhys….. and one wounded squirrel that Count Kurn picked up on the way to
the demo.

Camp Kiwanis
Silver Springs, FL
Greetings all attendees of SW/AS,
Thank you for your attendance, I hope everyone enjoyed the event.  You are the reason that we, here in the Shire of the Ruins, host events.  We are happy to serve our kingdom.  Please indulge me as I thank some wonderful people...
Thank you to...
Lady Amra de Medici who was a wonderful reservationist, and her assistants, Veronica and Lady Rhiannon Branwyn Corcoran.  Veronica volunteered on the spot when Amra needed some extra assistance.
Lady Rhiannon (Saucy), who was our assistant in every area and was the corrdinator of the afternoon snack time.
Lady Mould de Ceddar, who was our gatecrat and dishwasher extraordinare,...no one hates dishwashing more than I do and I love that she was so willing to serve.  Mould was also the creator of all of the lovely banners that were displayed throughout the site. 
Lord Orias (Ogre) and Lord Daniel von Hessen (monkey-esk), our wonderful feast stewards who prepared a feast of the Holy Roman Empire that was delectable, extravagant, and period.
Sable Dragon, who served as our full time scullery maid and store gopher.... Sable never left the kitchen and was absolutely one of the hardest workers at this event.
THL Thalassa Helenis, who grabbed a knife and was kitchen awesome!
Sir Fernando (the star), who was the flavor of the ourdoor lunch served at McNando's Outdoor Grill.
The general site staff who was everywhere, making sure your restrooms were clean, the fires were fed, the hall was organized, and completed the ten thousand tasks that needed to get done, but we forget about....
Sebastian von Trier, Fluffy, Mikaela Corvinus (Useful), Digra Snorrason (Babysitter), Lica di Mare (Lucious), Phalinn (All-purpose), Ghita (Spiffy), Valan of the Ruins (Wonderful), Pookie Ogresson (Stealthy), Stephen, Melissa, Charles, Vulka, Edward Barbour, Fasti, and Abbadon Corvinus.
John le Irish, for feeding the fire.
Lady Isabella, Lady Elena, and Melissa, thank you for stepping into the children's activities.
Shannon and Taz, the awesome constables.
Thank you to HL Petra and Amon for taking care of our stranded travelers.
Thank you to Master Iefan for his tenacious service to Their Majesties that made my job so much easier.
Thank you to Baroness Katherine Angelique for her service to Their Highnesses as the Franca Doppleganger.
Finally, so many others completed tasks because they could, not because they were asked.  Thank you for taking care of something we may have missed.  We appreciate you.
We had 236 participant, 27 art sci entries, 2 non pariels, and 1 happy event steward.  A Crusade began here...we hope to see you at Gulf War, and then at Siege of St. Martin's Shrine to complete the pilgrimage in April. 
(No adjectives were harmed during the course of this event.)
Ruins Revel "Cookies and Clothing"
November 22, 2011
New Jersey Ave, Lakeland, FL
Lord Thorfinn, the Shire Marshal held the Champion of the Ruins tourney with eleven combatants participating.... the Crown, Who were in attendance, demanded a challenge from any combatant who would enter the lyst.  Some interesting challenges were made.  Digra Jokull Snorrson challenged His Majesty to a round of Robamchon.  Herr Daniel challenged Her Majesty to a single dagger contest to which Her Majesty was the loser and the winner, stabbing Herr Daniel in the side but being crushed under his incredible weight. Luth challenged His Majesty to single thumb combat.
The combatants were...
Digra Jokull Snorrson
Cherish, the Manhood Slayer
Sir Valbrum
Luca, the Lucious
Fluffy (Cody)
Abaddon (Zach)
Herr Daniel von Hessen
Lord Thorfinn
Our new champion is Herr Daniel von Hessen and 2nd place went to Kurra.  Thank you to all who participated.
Many in the Shire provided a table of garb for gifts and winner shared his spoils, a bag of cookies, with the children of the Shire.
Thank you to all for your attendance and we so do hope that future revels will be as pleasurable for all.
In Service,
L Franca Donato
Lyst Mistress
Battle of Ujii
August 6, 2011
Blackwater Ranch
Lakeland, FL
Event Stewards:  Sir Takamatsu and Lady Cecelia D'Este
Feast Steward:  Lord Gavin Armstrong
Reservationist:  Amra de Medici
 8:00 AM    Armor Inspection and Additional Authorizations
10:00 AM   Battle of Uji Lysts
 1:00 PM    Lunch
 2:00 PM    Siege of Mii-dera Monastary
 3:00 PM    Melees around the Bamboo
 For the non-fighters:
 11:00 AM  For the non-fighters:  Ided Tea and Origami  
   2:00 PM  Horse Race Accross the Uji River 
   4:00 PM  (or after the fighting)  Team Geta Races              
2:00 - 3:00 PM  Fund-Raiser for the War Chest  - Ice Cream!
All Day - Fujiyama Snow Pops for sale!
FEAST:  Japanese Kabobs and Wild Rice
Ruins Revel "Muggin' for the Mugs
November 30, 2010
New Jersey Ave, Lakeland, FL
Count Kurn held the Champion of the Ruins tourney with eight combatants participating....
Our new champion is Syr Ari Tyrbrandr....2nd place went to L Tristram the Meek, with Wolf the Faithbringer coming in third.  Thank you to all who participated.
Count Kurn set his winner's tent to provide succor to successful fighters and L Corwyn heralded and provided a table and seats for the ladies' gallery.
Thank you to all for your attendance and we so do hope that future revels will be as pleasurable for all.
In Service,
L Franca Donato
Lyst Mistress
Siege of St. Martin's Shrine
October 23, 2010
Scotsmar Farms, Lakeland, FL
Thank you to all who joined us for Siege of St. Martin's Shrine including His Eminence, St. Martin and family. You made our event a success.  We had another good day of good fighting, good food, and fine weather.
This event could not have run smoothly without the hard work and committment of
our staff. Thank you to

Gate--Barbara of the Ruins, Zach, Pookie, Steven, Doug, Fang
Reservationist--Heather Walkere
Reservations Help--Sebastian, Blair,and Kim
Parking Fairy--Ghita
T-Shirt sales--Rhiannon
Feastcrat--Olaf von Trier
Kitchen assistants--Orias, Blair, Baroness Katherine Angelique
Lunch Salesmen--Doug
Servers--Ghita, Laura, Taka, Cecelia, Horroken, Steven, Joe, Christin, Franca 
Herald--Edward Barbour
Site and Event Runners--Ghita, Joe, Sebastian, Rhiannon, Christin, Steven, Doug
Tokens--Franca, Kim, and Baroness Katherine Angelique
Battlecrat--Ari Tybrandr
Field crew--Cody, Moulde, Amon, Sebastian, Pookie, Zach, Joe, Doug
Marshalls--Lady Sabille (Aelfwyn) and Joe.
Entertainment Coordinator--Kim

And to any others I may have missed, thank you.

A special thanks to the crew who spend a day building the shrine and another day breaking it down after the event.
A special thanks to the Abbot and all of the monks of the One True Pipe.  You will always have a home in the Shire of the Ruins. Thank you.

We have enjoyed hosting this event here in the Shire of the Ruins and look
forward to serving the kingdom again.

In Service,

Lady Franca Donato and Lord Daniel von Hesson
Co-Event Stewards
Siege of St. Martin's Shrine
Geneva Academy Demo
April 22, 2010 Thursday
Time TBA  Evening
Coordinating this Demo:  Syr Ari Tyrbrandr
In attendance at the demo:  Count Kurn, Lord Corwyn, Lady Sibilla, Lady Franca, Lady Heather, Barbara, Valan, Edward, Kenta, and Wolfgang.
The small class of graduating eighth graders appreciated the lesson on the knightly code given by Lady Franca and enjoyed the fighting.  The ladies thanked our gallant gentlemen for the roses.
Scott Lake Elementary Demo
in Lakeland, Florida
April 16, 2010 
2:00 pm
Coordinating this Demo:  Count Kurn O'Farrell
In attendance at the demo:  Countess Eridani, Sir Takamatsu, Sir Krotaus Floridius, Lord Corwyn, Lady Sibilla, Lady Franca, Hanko, Mungo, Edward, and Thorfinn.
We were well received by a rabble rousing group of 100--5th graders.  Thanks Scott Lake for having us to visit.
Scot/Welsh War--Seneschals Report
February 12-14, 2010
Scottsmar Farms, Lakeland, Florida
Weather Report--Partly cloudy with a change of freezing your buns off.
Breakfast--Coffee, cocoa, pastries, donuts
Fieldside fundraiser lunch provided by the Northern Marches of sandwiches raised $200.00 for the war chest.
Supper--Asgardian barbeque of beef ribs, chicken quarters, roasted potatoes, roasted corn, pasta salad, hot tea, lemonade.  Beer donated by your event steward.
Battlefield setup and design created by HL Ari Tyrbrandr.
Staff t-shirts provided by your event stewards.  Artwork by L Daniel von Hessen.

Thank you to all who joined us for Scot Welsh War. You made our event a success.
We had a day of good fighting, good food, and fine weather at a great new site.

This event could not have run smoothly without the hard work and committment of
our staff. Thank you to:

Site Relations--Candice
Reservationist--Heather Walkere
Gate--Asha Malpuri and Barbara of the Ruins
Kitchen assistants--Meghan, Jesse
Children's Activities--Countess Eridani
Site and Event Runners--Joe, Link, Steven, Doug
Tokens--Valan of the Ruins
Battlecrat--Ari Tybrandr
Field crew--Mungo, Amon, Sebastian
Marshalls--Sir Taka, Sir Kurn, Lady Sabille (Aelfwyn), Gavin

And to any others I may have missed thank you.

A special thanks to Sebastian and Rhiannon who provided setup lunch on Friday
for the entire staff and to Dimitri who provided the afterevent lunch for the
entire staff and the oak for the rib barbeque.

We have enjoyed hosting this event here in the Shire of the Ruins and look
forward to serving the kingdom again.

In Service,

Lady Franca Donato and Lord Daniel von Hesson
Co-Event Stewards
Scot/Welsh War